Welcome to TeddyBearClub!

The Teddy Bear Club is a place where your young child can grow in all aspects of life. Our number one priority and focus is on your child and their ability to develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

We offer all the benefits you would find at a daycare center, and we have a home-like atmosphere that will make your child feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Located in Davenport next to All Saints Catholic School, our long-term staff provide a warm, gentle, interactive learning atmosphere. While you are at work, you will be comforted with the knowledge that your child is developing in an environment that will make us all smile!

Mrs. Moore's Daily Update

What a warm, fantastic Friday to kick off the 3 day weekend. We had a laid-back morning with a movie served with popcorn. The movie was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" based off the children's book. During the movie, we paused and had snack, and then continued to watch the movie. We went and played outside in the Teddy Bear Club side yard. We went back inside to read "What Kind of Day is it? A Hot Day" by Lola M. Schaefer. It's non-fictional book that had examples of what happens in the sunshine and heat, such as, plants wilt, animals pant, people use fans, and some people go swimming. God and Me was about being lost and that God helps us and keeps us safe. We had pizza for lunch and went on the All Saints playground for recess. Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! We will be closed on Monday, May 28th.

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