Welcome to TeddyBearClub!

The Teddy Bear Club is a place where your young child can grow in all aspects of life. Our number one priority and focus is on your child and their ability to develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

We offer all the benefits you would find at a daycare center, and we have a home-like atmosphere that will make your child feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Located in Davenport next to All Saints Catholic School, our long-term staff provide a warm, gentle, interactive learning atmosphere. While you are at work, you will be comforted with the knowledge that your child is developing in an environment that will make us all smile!

Mrs. Moore's Daily Update

It feels so nice to have the sun shine down on us. Today the students did their morning jobs and then played in the large motor centers. We sang the song”Give Me a Clap” by Doctor Jean and then greeted our friends by stretching and moving our bodies. Before reading our book toady we did a science experiment by mixing soil with water to create muck. The children touched and smelled the dirt before we added the water. We observed the changes. The children described it as gooey and slimy. We read the book One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root. In this counting story a duck gets stuck in muck and many different animals try to get her out. Next, we recalled the different animals that helped the duck and each friend had an opportunity to put an animal on the board as we counted it. Then we put a duck in our muck to see how the duck got stuck. The muck and duck was sealed up and put in the science center for all the students to touch and see. After, snack the students explored the learning centers. During this time some of the students made a duck. Before lunch we read the book Farm Flu by Theresa Bateman. Our God and me was about how God made our amazing our eyes. After lunch, we played outside on the All Saints playground.

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