Welcome to TeddyBearClub!

The Teddy Bear Club is a place where your young child can grow in all aspects of life. Our number one priority and focus is on your child and their ability to develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

We offer all the benefits you would find at a daycare center, and we have a home-like atmosphere that will make your child feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Located in Davenport next to All Saints Catholic School, our long-term staff provide a warm, gentle, interactive learning atmosphere. While you are at work, you will be comforted with the knowledge that your child is developing in an environment that will make us all smile!

Mrs. Moore's Daily Update

Happy Friday! The boys and girls were busy this morning doing their jobs and playing in the large motor centers.  Mr. Alligator had stinky breath again today. We asked him if he brushed his teeth last night and this morning and he said he forgot to brush his teeth last night.  The boys and girls explained to him that it is important to brush his teeth at night and in the morning. We decided to brush his teeth again and floss them. While flossing we found a piece of chocolate.  We asked him what he had for breakfast. He said he had a chocolate chip cookie. The children gave him healthy breakfast food suggestions. While flossing, we also noticed that he had a loose tooth.  We discussed that when it is time for us to get our adult or permanent teeth, our baby teeth will wiggle and become loose. We read the book My Loose Tooth by Stephen Krensky. After our classroom jobs, we played a dentist game and sang the “Loose Tooth” song. When snack was over we explored in the learning centers, while some friends did an art project where they used a toothbrush and toothpaste to make a green or yellow paper tooth white by brushing it. Before lunch, we read a show-n-tell book entitled This is a Job For an Emergency Machine by Chris Oxlade. God and me today was about getting along with our families. We prayed and asked God to help us to say sorry and to help us to forgive. After lunch, we ran on the pathway near the church. Thank you for donating to the Teddy Bear Club Gala project. It looks Great! Hope to see you at the All Saints Gala on Saturday.   

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